Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Success Story

Photo Courtesy of Ben DeHaan.
A few months ago, I applied for an internship I was interested in at a nearby Museum. When I landed the internship, I immediately thanked the people who were so kind to take time out of their busy schedules to write me letters of recommendation and assist me in achieving my goal. Well, apparently one of those people submitted the story of my success to my undergraduate school's website. I suppose that's what I get for asking an old professor! But seriously, I was very flattered to be a topic of interest.  

Read the story here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Through the Lens

Everything looks so much more magical through a lens; especially ones that have been viewed countless times by numerous people!

Monday, March 22, 2010


You will have to excuse the nature of these photos. My camera was set up in a tree! My boyfriend bought me a tripod for Christmas. However, my camera was too heavy for the contraption and it just kept tipping forward. Alas, three months later and I still haven't gotten around to purchasing one of the most essential pieces of photography equipment! Necessary for long exposures, and self-portraits apparently. Actually, there are quite a few photo-related purchases on my list; one of these days I will get around to completing those...

Sunglasses  > thrifted
Earrings > thrifted
Dress > thrifted Charlotte Russe
Biker Shorts > American Apparel
Tights > Hue
Shoes > Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The (Butterfly) Collector

I don't normally watch television. However, I care for my grandmother twice a week and we spend the day watching the boob tube together. Normally, we have a strict regiment of daily programming to attend to but the other day as I noticed my grandma dozing beside me, I wondered what I would watch if I were to choose the program. It didn't take long to discover this inspirational gem of a movie. Filled with innovative cinematography, beautiful tones and a kidnapping, this dark tale was right up my alley.
I was immediately drawn to the setting and the characters. The primary actors in this film are so stunningly attractive; I was compelled to watch their portrayal of this story unfold. You secretly want the girl to give in to her kidnappers desires and fall in love with him. Which of course, based on ethics, is completely twisted! As the film progresses, however, it becomes much easier to disdain all sympathy for the predator. I really ought to see this in it's entirety, as I happened upon it in the middle of it's television airing. But based on what I did see, I wholeheartedly intend to. I also highly recommend it to others. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Collage #2

Iron & Wine- Resurrection Fern

Here is the second installment from my "Inspiration Book." This, of course, was before I had the internet and a convenient folder on my desktop in which to store photos. I had accumulated so many magazines, it was getting a little out of hand. So, I decided to go through them, tear out the images I was most attracted to and toss the remaining pages in the recycle bin. {As much as I love flipping through magazines, I must admit, they are quite wasteful.} Many of the magazines were photo mags, so there were many images to be delighted by. I knew my intention was to save them and incorporate them into collages but I had no idea how they would fit together. In this case, a similarity in tones brought these images together. Yet, it's rather interesting how the meaning of each photo is altered by it's juxtaposition to the other photographs within the collage...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday; What a Day.

Sunglasses > Urban Outfitters
Earrings > Thrifted
Scarf > ?
Jacket > Forever 21
Dress > Forever 21
Purse > Forever 21
Boots > Calvin Klein via Nordstrom


(That rootin tootin hifalutin cowboy is my dad.)

Lately, I've been especially interested in my family's genealogy; I'd like to know more about my family history and where I come from. 

Most of my life, I was under the impression that I was a quarter Mexican, only to find out several years ago that I was merely an eighth. I felt somewhat stripped of a heritage that I had become so attached. I believed something false, and yet it became a part of me. It still is, though, a much smaller part than I previously thought. As time progresses, we become less and less affiliated with our European ancestry, or pre-American history. That is to say, how long will it be before we simply say that we are American? Will there be a time when we are unable to recall our previous cultural connections because we possess so many? If I have children, they will undoubtedly be made up of 5 or more ethnicities. Will they rattle them off as I do? 

My father was born in Montreal and my mother in Detroit. Would that not make me Canadian and American? Not quite, for I admit to being Mexican, French-Canadian, German and English. However, I can only trace my family history back as far as my parents know; I have a much deeper lineage that I am currently unaware of. Would my perceptions alter if I knew that my great-grandmother was Native American? How important is it for us to know where we originate?

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Direct from the  "INSPIRATION" folder on my desktop.

I came across this website the other day called ffffound.
It's basically an image sharing site, but they have a feature that is similar to Amazon in which one image will promote several others you "may be interested in" based on characteristics of that first image. Well, of course one things leads to the next and before I know it, I've dragged a few dozen photos onto my desktop! For your viewing pleasure, I've posted a handful of the images I took a particular fancy to. If you're looking for inspiration, or have some time to kill, I definitely recommend this site; you'll find great photos and illustrations!