Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The (Butterfly) Collector

I don't normally watch television. However, I care for my grandmother twice a week and we spend the day watching the boob tube together. Normally, we have a strict regiment of daily programming to attend to but the other day as I noticed my grandma dozing beside me, I wondered what I would watch if I were to choose the program. It didn't take long to discover this inspirational gem of a movie. Filled with innovative cinematography, beautiful tones and a kidnapping, this dark tale was right up my alley.
I was immediately drawn to the setting and the characters. The primary actors in this film are so stunningly attractive; I was compelled to watch their portrayal of this story unfold. You secretly want the girl to give in to her kidnappers desires and fall in love with him. Which of course, based on ethics, is completely twisted! As the film progresses, however, it becomes much easier to disdain all sympathy for the predator. I really ought to see this in it's entirety, as I happened upon it in the middle of it's television airing. But based on what I did see, I wholeheartedly intend to. I also highly recommend it to others. 


Johnny Beach said...

movies i think you would like

The Single Man
The Birds

winniecoop said...

I've seen all those movies and you're right. I do like them. Especially A Single Man. I want to be one of those girl in the scene when he pulls up to the school and parks...you know which ones I'm talking about?