Friday, May 7, 2010


With every book I read, I find quotes that I like...that I relate to..that really strike a chord. Back in 2007, I began keeping tabs on these quotes I discovered. Then, when I was finished with a book, I would go back, rediscover the passages and copy them down in a journal. I suppose it really began with Life of Pi, the first book I read after I finished college. I've become quite accustomed to my little ritual. As it is, I don't always enjoy the book I read, but at least there's always something to be learned. My latest endeavor, Wonder When You'll Miss Me by Amanda Davis, left me with several noted excerpts. The story follows a broken girl who commits a harrowing crime against an earlier attacker and fleas to find solace in the circus. 
-But, I didn't want to better than anyone. I just wanted to be me. And yes, I wanted to show up, to be noticed. But inside, some of me still wanted desperately to disappear. 
-I was ready to be somewhere already and not just heading somewhere. 
-Everyone would be there and we would feel like part of something larger than us. But, we would each be alone inside our own skin.
-My brother has never known who he is. He's never made sense of all the options there are. I think that's what's going to do him in: all the choices. 
-Live a round life and you have no place to hide from yourself and nothing to run from.