Thursday, March 11, 2010

Collage #2

Iron & Wine- Resurrection Fern

Here is the second installment from my "Inspiration Book." This, of course, was before I had the internet and a convenient folder on my desktop in which to store photos. I had accumulated so many magazines, it was getting a little out of hand. So, I decided to go through them, tear out the images I was most attracted to and toss the remaining pages in the recycle bin. {As much as I love flipping through magazines, I must admit, they are quite wasteful.} Many of the magazines were photo mags, so there were many images to be delighted by. I knew my intention was to save them and incorporate them into collages but I had no idea how they would fit together. In this case, a similarity in tones brought these images together. Yet, it's rather interesting how the meaning of each photo is altered by it's juxtaposition to the other photographs within the collage...

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