Monday, March 8, 2010


(That rootin tootin hifalutin cowboy is my dad.)

Lately, I've been especially interested in my family's genealogy; I'd like to know more about my family history and where I come from. 

Most of my life, I was under the impression that I was a quarter Mexican, only to find out several years ago that I was merely an eighth. I felt somewhat stripped of a heritage that I had become so attached. I believed something false, and yet it became a part of me. It still is, though, a much smaller part than I previously thought. As time progresses, we become less and less affiliated with our European ancestry, or pre-American history. That is to say, how long will it be before we simply say that we are American? Will there be a time when we are unable to recall our previous cultural connections because we possess so many? If I have children, they will undoubtedly be made up of 5 or more ethnicities. Will they rattle them off as I do? 

My father was born in Montreal and my mother in Detroit. Would that not make me Canadian and American? Not quite, for I admit to being Mexican, French-Canadian, German and English. However, I can only trace my family history back as far as my parents know; I have a much deeper lineage that I am currently unaware of. Would my perceptions alter if I knew that my great-grandmother was Native American? How important is it for us to know where we originate?

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Glitter Scrubs said...

I would love to see how far back i can go with my family tree. It's even more difficult when you learn great-great grandparents were adopted or orphaned. The search sort of stops there. I usually list off at least 6-7 ethnicities when asked.

I find in canada when someone asks, 'what are you?' the answer, 'canadian' isn't really acceptable to them. They'll say, no really, what are you? And then i'll have to list like 7 european countries.

i can't wait for the day where i can just say i am canadian as if it were the same as saying, i'm irish or brazilian or japanese, but i guess we're such a young country.. wow, sorry for the novel lol. great blog!