Monday, February 22, 2010


Kleines glück (happines in little things). 

I'm currently reading the memoir of Roma Ligocka, cousin of Roman Polanski, entitled The Girl in the Red Coat.  It begins with her as a 3 year old girl living in the Krakaw Ghetto. She describes the horrific life she endured as a young impressionable child with innocence and simplicity. Through the pure heart of a little girl, vile and disturbing events are recounted. This juxtaposition is incredibly heart-wrenching. No person ever should have been subjected to the horrors that were witnessed under the Nazi regime, let alone a child.
Growing up in middle America, it's difficult to imagine the extent of the hideousness of the Holocaust. It's fascinating to me that with all that was going on around her, Roma was still able to appreciate aspects of her life. To find kleines glück. If she was able to do it, there's absolutely no reason we shouldn't be able to do the same.


Clara said...

amazing blog
love the pics

Jennifer said...

I'll have to try and find that book, it sounds heart wrenching and beautiful.

Love the hat, by the way

winniecoop said...

Thanks Clara.


Thank you Jennifer. It is a book that is definitely worth checking out. Though, my opinion may be skewed. I'm particularly fascinated by stories from victims of the Holocaust; when even survival itself means hell. The horror is unfathomable.