Friday, February 26, 2010


There are so many stories behind this photo...let me rephrase that: There are so many stories behind the elements in this photo. None of them interesting I'm sure, except to me. Regardless, I'll continue.

I went to great lengths to save the chair you see in this photo. I bought it at Salvation Army to go with my desk and the colors matched beautifully. When I moved, there was limited space for all of the items I acquired while working at Salvation Army. Much to my dismay, my parents and my boyfriend convinced me to leave it behind in the old apartment. But, I couldn't let it go. It bothered me that I no longer had it and after much swaying, I was able to get the boyf to get back into the apt. to get it! I definitely got holes in those tights behind the knee from that chair and as much as I hate when tights get holes in them, I think it was worth it for this photograph! 

It was taken by one of my closest friends, Emily. We were both enrolled in the photography program at Grand Valley and bonded through our trials and tribulations at college. You should definitely check out her flickr page. She has a great style and has been featured on the band OAR's website as well as Habitat for Humanity.

I love that the focus is on the gloves. Those are actually what they call a "rag-out" at Salvation Army. The palms are pretty damaged but I loved these style of these gloves and since I caught them before they were ragged-out, I only had to pay 99 cents for them! Well, less than that if you include my discount. I've come to learn that they're called Isotoners and found another knit pair in some winter accessories my Grandpa's wife left behind when she moved to Florida (one of which I recently lost!). This photo was actually taken in my Grandpa's condo. It's been vacant for some time...Oh my goodness, one purposeless story leads to another. 

Still, it can be interesting to learn how things come to pass. Perhaps I've eluded the mystery, but oftentimes, we are merely presented with the result and never become aware of the stories behind the conclusion. There's a story behind the shoes as well, but now I think enough is enough. 

Hat > thrifted
Coat > on sale at Urban Outfitters
Dress > Forever 21
Gloves > thrifted
Tights > gift
Shoes > Moda Spana via DSW


Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...


Doris Anne said...

beautiful photo. and I love that chair! (:

Diya said...

LOVE this photo... and you have the greatest collection of little hats/beanies.

ps. check out my new blog ;)

Jodes said...

oh, what an image and the stories behind it!
i love the stories behind rescued objects - and just imagine the stories they had before you!
found your blog and had to be a follower!
lovely images and winnie cooper?


Jasmine said...

thank you for your thought-out comment on my blog!!! i absolutely love this photo! i loooooove your hat!

winniecoop said...

Thank you ladies! Your comments brighten my day.


Yes Jodes, Winnie Cooper. Throughout my existence, I've been told I like like Winnie Cooper. It's especially prominent when I have bangs-which has been most of my life.