Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Apple Orchard

Growing up, the area I lived in was filled with fields and apple orchards. Since then, the Mom and Pop stores have all but disappeared in favor of the Wal-Marts and Dairy Queens. It's quite unfortunate, really. As the surrounding area of my home had once inspired wonderment and imagination in a child it know stirs feelings of resentment and discontentment in an adult. Perhaps, this change in sentiment could be attributed to age, however, I still find myself searching for the character that has become hidden in my own hometown. I believe, it's the photographer in me that attempts to discover the beauty in places and objects that isn't always apparent to others-to reveal the hidden aesthetics. For me, the more character and mystery, the more beautiful.
At least the orchard still exists! Even if the country store doesn't.

The Violent Femmes- Gone Daddy Gone

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