Monday, April 12, 2010

Prime Mates

To be quite honest, the weather was too cold for this outfit the day I wore it. Sometimes, I find that I simply fail to protect myself from mother nature’s harsh mood swings. I don’t believe I packed a single practical article of clothing on a recent visit to my old haunting grounds in Grand Rapids.
Do you find yourself being stubborn and wearing what you like regardless of external elements?
On an entirely different note: they say that couples who have been together for an extended period of time tend to look like each other. I must say, that Matt and I seem to have very similar mannerisms and style of dress. It's uncanny! If you have a significant other, would you consider yourselves to be so alike? 

Sunglasses > Urban Outfitters 
Jacket and Purse > Forever 21
Dress, Skirt and Belt > Salvation Army
Shoes > DSW

On Matt: Sunglasses > ?
Shirt > Gap
Jacket > Street Vendor

1 comment:

eleanor said...

i like the outfit! shame you were cold though :/
occasionally i dress innappropriately weather wise but not anymore, i bought some fine wool tops and cardigans to layer with my clothes yesterday so i have no excuses!

a lot of people say my boyfriend and i have the same mannerisms (we have been together nearly two years) but we havn't noticed it. funny!